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Men, Cancer and Special Considerations

There is much 3D mink eyelashe given to women and the emotional issues they struggle with while journeying through cancer. Because of my involvement as a cancer survivor, author and speaker regarding these emotional issues I find that men journeying through cancer have two major struggles that should be addressed.

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Many people, females and males alike, do not think that it is as traumatic for men to lose their hair during treatment as a woman because it is in vogue to be bald. However, it can be just as devastating for men as for 3D mink eyelashe. The fact is that there is virtually no one who wants to boldly announce to everyone they come in contact with, both friends and strangers, that they are journeying through cancer. If a man has a full head of hair and over the course of several weeks he loses most or all of it, he has made that announcement. There is also the loss of eyebrows that increases the volume of the announcement.

Men journeying through 3D mink eyelashe should be encouraged to consider hair and brow prosthetics just as much as women. It ultimately is up to him but the choice should at least be presented. There are some great toupees available if he decides that is right for him. If the career a man has dictates he be in front of groups of people on a regular basis, not having eyebrows is a give-away that he is having some type of chemotherapy or medical treatment even if he has chosen to purchase and wear a toupee. Until recently there have not been many viable options for brow replacement on men. I have found a wonderful product called nuBrow. These false eyebrows are easily applied with a non-toxic adhesive and are very natural looking. They are available in medium brown and can be worn as is or dyed with an eyebrow/eyelash tint to match his natural hair color. They can also be trimmed to fit the look they prefer. With gentle care a pair of these eyebrow will last 4-6 weeks and the cost is nominal.

The other emotional issue is one that I 3D mink eyelashe totally relate to being female, but I can relate to feelings of decreased femininity. From my conversations with male cancer patients it is evident there is the potential for the same feelings relating to masculinity. Men who have a hormone-based cancer, such as prostate or breast, should be aware that treatment may leave them sterile. Having sperm frozen in a sperm bank can offer some security and comfort should they become sterile. They should check with their doctor to see if this is something they should consider doing. Whether he is planning on having children (or more children) is not the complete issue here. These types of cancer attack their perception of themselves as men. Just knowing they have sperm available, should they want it, can be a tremendous boost to their masculine well-being!

3D mink eyelashe
3D mink eyelashe

Carin Hansen was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40. After a long battle she emerged victorious and began a one-on-one wardrobe and beauty consulting business for other women journeying through cancer. She has been a model, actress, talent agency owner, benefit founder, certified acting/modeling instructor, writer, speaker and passionate cancer advocate. It is important to remember that 3D mink eyelashe is not a physician and does not subscribe to or recommend any particular medical procedure or alternative treatment. She strongly urges you to consult with your Primary Physician, Oncologist and/or Surgeon before implementing any of her curriculum. Please visit for information and products related to beauty and cancer along with self-esteem building. Subscribe to her free monthly newsletter. You may also want to purchase her e-book Beauty During the Cancer Journey. Just go to

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