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How To Use an Eyelash Curler

 3D mink lashes eyelash curlers are very useful tools because they help to emphasize you eyes, make them look brighter and beautiful without looking like fake eyelashes.

You will find different types of eyelash curlers in cosmetics shops and they range from plastic curlers, heated curlers to metal curlers. The best most efficient and easy to use these days are the heated curlers which come with batteries.

The eyes are very sensitive and I cannot stress how important they are so never apply your mascara before you curl your lashes, this is very dangerous practice and a lot of women do this as they assume that the mascara will make the lashes curl better, whether this is the case or not the fact remains that mascara is not meant to be heated. Also lash curlers should be positioned at the tip of the lash and not very close to the 3D mink lashes eyelash line.

3D mink lashes eyelash
3D mink lashes eyelash

Below are the 4 main steps associated with using a lash curler

1. Always make sure the curler is very clean before using it and never share your lash curler with someone else. A dirty lash curler can cause the eye to get infected with bacteria and you might end up with a red eye for days. On the other hand if you share your lash curler and the other person has an infectious eye condition you might contract it too.

2. Leave your 3D mink lashes eyelash curler to heat up for about 2 minutes (these days you will find eyelash curlers which use batteries so you do not have to go through the trouble of heating your curlers with a hair dryer or hot water!) As a precaution check the temperature and make sure it is not too hot ( they usually have a cut out to prevent them from over heating), then position your upper lashes between the edges of the curler

3. Gently, carefully and slowly squeeze the edges of the eyelash curler together and hold for about 10 seconds. Gently release the curler from the lashes (make sure the curler is fully open), and repeat the process again until result is satisfactory.

4. you can now apply mascara by stroking your lashes upwards, never over load your mascara brush with too much mascara, always apply in one or two coats and always let each coat dry before the other is applied. Brushing your lashes with a lash comb after applying mascara will give a more natural look and remove any excess mascara.

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