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Simple Steps to Look Like a Gorgeous Bride

It is one of the biggest days of a woman’s life and getting dressed as a bride or one of the bridesmaids can become a messy job at times. Many people tend to spend a heavy amount on experts to get the bridal 3d mink lashes strip perfectly and eventually adjust to what is provided. To avoid this you can just follow a few simple steps to beautify your looks and do this all by yourself.

Using a primer as a base to your 3d mink lashes strip shall be a very good idea to ensure that the foundation lasts the whole day. The primer creates a protective base for the foundation to stay on and at the same time prepares the skin for makeup.

 3d mink lashes strip
3d mink lashes strip

Getting the right shade of foundation to match your skin is a very essential part in the bridal make up. You can find the correct shade by simply matching your skin tone with the shade in pure daylight. Always remember to extend the foundation right towards the neck. Also remember that the best way to apply foundation is via using a foundation brush hence it would be better to have one before the 3d mink lashes strip has started.

The use of a concealer is a must so as to remove any unwanted shadows that may still persist after the foundation. Remember using a small concealer brush to remove dark circles is a very good idea.

Get some powder that is identical in shade with your foundation. This will help for the foundation and the concealer to set and help you keep the 3d mink lashes strip all day long.

Use a blusher on the mounts of your cheeks. It allows you to avoid looking washed out for photographs. Remember the blusher should be applied subtly to get a natural look.

Use very light eye shadow over your eyelids. This helps them to stand out during photographs. The color is your choice.

In the inner rim of the eye use a darker shade of eye shadow. This gives you more of a dramatic look.

Remember two coats of black mascara especially; waterproof ones give your eyes a very glamorous look.

Using a lipstick or a lip gloss is absolutely your choice but be sure that the lip liner used is of the same shade as that of the lipstick or the lip gloss.

To get a more lasting effect for your lipstick blotting your lips at least once before reapplying would be a great plan.

 3d mink lashes strip
3d mink lashes strip

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