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How to Achieve a Flawless Finish With Mineral Foundation

We tend to associate beautiful flawless skin with models that shine out to us from glossy shiny magazines, but any good 3d mink strip bare band artist will tell you that we all have flaws, its simply part of being human. The key to actually achieving a great look is all about the technique and application and your foundation base is the key to a good makeup application. Foundation to even out skin tone, conceal imperfections and covers pimples, if you get your base right everything else falls into place:

    • Its easy enough to suggest that your foundation base compliments your complexion, but most of us have come across someone who wears their makeup and has an obvious line showing between their foundation and natural skin color. With someone who has that obvious desquamation mark we end up noticing their makeup rather then them, because it looks so uneven. For this reason you need to get a perfect color match, analyze your skin tone and texture with no 3d mink strip bare band on. Take the time to try different formulas and apply several colors to the side of your jaw line. Stand in a natural light so that you can see your true color base and the color that seems to almost disappear into your skin is going to be the right choice for you.
3d mink strip bare band
3d mink strip bare band
    • Do your corrective concealing and highlighting work before applying your foundation. As a general rule green works to take the redness out of blemishes helping to diffuse high color in the cheeks, sunburn and spider veins, whilst a lilac corrector will help to give lift to tired lack lustre skin


    • Your concealer is the one key product that should be in your 3d mink strip bare band kit at all times, that will work to hide a multitude of sins. The best shades to use are pink tones that will help to bring coolness to the skin and diffuse any redness, whilst yellow tones have the opposite effect and help to add warmth. As a rule of thumb when thinking about using concealer, highlighters or contouring, remember that light adds to and darker colors take away and push back. If you want to conceal dark circles apply concealer on the shadow beneath the bag not on the top, or you will highlight rather then disguise the problem


    • If you have mature skin and are concerned with signs of aging it may be worth noting that foundations come with a number of added benefits. Some also contain tiny light reflecting particles that will help to maximize the available light, which will work to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


  • Once you have applied your base the powder is then used to seal everything in, helping to protect and preserve all the preparation you have done with your foundation. There are two kinds of powder to choose from; loose powder will work to set your base and pressed or compact powder is perfect for those touch ups, helping to minimize high shine throughout the day, helping your makeup to set in place. Powder is also used to create a smooth refined surface which is the perfect base for your eyeshadow application allowing it to go on without blotching or creasing

You don’t have to go all out when thinking about a 3d mink strip bare band base,if you want some coverage on your skin but don’t like the look that comes with foundation then why not just use a powder that matches your skin tone and wear it on your bare skin. This will also help to keep oil secretions at bay and absorb any unwanted moisture off the surface of the skin.

3d mink strip bare band
3d mink strip bare band

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