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Steps to Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist

Do you have a knack for knowing what colour lipstick would be best on someone just from a quick assessment? Have you spent hours trying to perfect the smokey eye, or the perfect red lip? If you’re the creative type and have an eye for esthetics, perhaps becoming a eyelash extensions artist would be the ideal career path for you! Here are some tips to becoming a makeup artist.

Start Developing Your Skills

eyelash extensions
eyelash extensions

You’ve probably already done so, but practice applying eyelash extensions on yourself or on your friends and family so you can really develop your skills for makeup application. Even though you might be amazing at doing your own makeup, doing someone else’s is a totally different thing. So make sure that you get plenty of practice applying cosmetics on others.

Different people have their own unique skin type and tone, face shapes, eye colours, and so forth. Find people with a variety of these traits so you can get a feel for how to choose the right colours and products, and how to apply specific cosmetics for various faces. Get familiar with all the different types of cosmetics out there that you can use on your future clients.

Enrol in a eyelash extensions School

As talented as you may be, it’s important to take a few makeup classes in order to get formal training in your industry. Prospective employers and clients will expect to see some sort of accreditations, considering they are paying good money for your services. It’s worth learning techniques from industry experts, and it’s also helpful to be able to advertising your formal training.

Determine What Industry You’d Like to Work in

Becoming a eyelash extensions artist offers plenty of avenues for you to develop your career. You can work at a makeup counter at a department store, at a theater, for fashion magazines, at a salon, or even for yourself. Think about what avenue you’d like to work in so that you can develop specific skills for your industry.

Put a Portfolio Together

Your portfolio is a crucial thing to have available, as it’s essentially the only way that potential clients will be able to see your work and talent. Either invest in a good camera and take professional photos of your friends and family that you’ve applied eyelash extensions on, or even consider hiring models that you work on. Or else, consider employing a professional photographer to take the pictures for you. This one-time investment may seem like a lot at first, but it’s a critical factor to your success.

Market Your Services

eyelash extensions
eyelash extensions

After you’ve got the necessary education and training from a makeup school, start advertising yourself to get the word out that you’re available to take on work. This is especially important if you plan on being a freelance makeup artists and work for yourself. Do some research in your area that you’d like to work, and see if there are any positions available.

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