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Assessment of Philosophy Cosmetic Products

Philosophy cosmetics are a new line of hot selling strip lashes products from Philosophy, a skin care company that started by selling dermatological grade skin products to the public.

hot selling strip lashes
hot selling strip lashes

Wphair The cosmetics and hot selling strip lashes line of the brand is fairly new – so, what are some of the best products? What are some of the worst products? Are they worth the price? For the answers to these questions and more, keep reading.


The cost of Philosophy cosmetics is comparable to most mid-level department store brands like Clinique, for example. On average, the products are about twice the price of a drugstore brand such as L’Oreal, but are generally well worth the extra price. For example, a lip stick will cost around $20, but the quality is great.

How Easy are the Products?

All the Philosophy hot selling strip lashes products are fairly straightforward to use. The company carries a small line of foundations, concealers, blush, lip makeup, eyes and brows, and basic accessories like brushes and blotting papers. The foundations are all powders, which might be a new experience for some customers, but they are still simple to use.

Cosmetic Quality

As a company that has won multiple Best of Sephora and Glamour Magazine Beauty awards, Philosophy is a hot selling strip lashes that’s committed to quality. Like their famous creams and cleansers, their cosmetic line is backed by years of medical research and the belief that looking great starts with great skin.

As for the color choices, Philosophy didn’t take any risks here – the palette of their cosmetics is built around neutrals and soft tones intended to compliment the skin tone, not fight it. It’s a classic look, but not very daring.

Products to Look For and Those to Avoid

Probably the best selling product in the Philosophy hot selling strip lashes is the Supernatural Foundation with an SPF 15 rating. It’s a powder foundation that goes on smooth and provides both coverage and sun protection – making it a great choice for someone who wants a light finish.

Avoid the brow and mascara products in this line. Admittedly, the quality is there, but there are much better options from other brands. For example, Philosophy’s Big Gorgeous Eyes Mascara doesn’t give the length, curl or thickness that other brands in the same price range do – and for $22, you can do better.

The Final Word

hot selling strip lashes
hot selling strip lashes

In short, Philosophy cosmetics are a quality make. Women may want to stay away from the brow and mascara hot selling strip lashes , but they’ll find a winner with the loose powder foundation. The selection is pretty limited, however the price is right and the overall quality is certainly there.

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