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Make Up Tips For Beginners

If you are new to make-up things can seem very scary to you. With a plethora of label mink eyelashes and categories you can be confused where to begin. Don’t worry just a few basic steps could make things a lot simpler and easy to understand. Do not be afraid of experimenting as that could be the first step of becoming an expert.

So let us talk about few basics that you can begin with. However once you get the hang of these, move on and pick up few more label mink eyelashes and tricks so that you can apply make-up with much more efficiency and ease.

label mink eyelashes
label mink eyelashes

These are just starting points to your journey into the world of beauty and fashion.

1. A basic cleaning regime should be an essential part of your daily schedule.

2. You do not need to shell out a lot of money to get a good cleaning regime in place. Just need to be smart.

3. Get a face wash preferably soap free that suits your skin and after cleaning use a toner to tone label mink eyelashes. You can use Rose water instead of a regular toner as it does the same thing. Follow this up with a good moisturiser but avoid an oily one if you have oily label mink eyelashes.

4. Following this twice a day would make you see the difference in your complexion as well as skin texture. You will feel blemish free and your skin will be healthier.

5. When you begin with make up the first step should be applying a moisturiser. If your skin is well hydrated you will see the effects of make up much better.

6. Then follow it up with a base or foundation. It would be a good idea to ask your friends or sisters to recommend a good one if you do not know which one to buy. You can also ask your mom to give you one of hers for practice.

7. Now use a concealer around your label mink eyelashes and on any spots or blemishes that you may have.

8. Now the next step would be applying eye make-up. Use an eyelash curler to shape your eye lashes, a tweezers to shape your eye brows.

9. After that you should apply the shadow. In the beginning you can just apply one colour. But later you can pick out 3 complimentary colours and use them to create various effects. Remember to use light pink shades in summers and the shades of brown or green in winters could bring out a great effect.

10. Then apply eye liner, mascara and kajal to finish the look.

11. Now you can concentrate on your cheek bones and lips. Just pick out a good brush and apply blush in diagonally upward strokes on your cheeks. Choose a light colour to begin with and then experiment with it.

12. Since you are just learning it would be a good idea to just apply some lip gloss. But if you want to move a step higher and begin applying lipstick, then always remember to apply a lip balm before that to make it lasting.

label mink eyelashes
label mink eyelashes

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