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The First Things He Will Notice

When a mink eyelashes extension is approaching a group of girls there are certain traits that he is going to notice right off the bat. He may not even really notice that he is doing it but he will be examining your genes very closely. Learn what he is looking for so you can accentuate your assets. Most of the time it is easy to fake what guys are looking for. After all beauty is only skin deep right? There is no harm in faking some traits or just building yourself up a little so he will take the time to get to know you. Then you can use your charming personality to lock him in, but back to those traits.

 mink eyelashes extension
mink eyelashes extension

Is your hair thick or thin wphair?
This is one of those genetics things. Women who have thick mink eyelashes extension are women who are healthy. Having a thick head of locks won’t just make you the envy of the women at the book club. Men will be more interested in you. They will be more attracted to you and much more willing to get to know that great personality of yours.

Do you have a fake smile?
Men like a girl who knows how to have fun. You should try to enjoy yourself and flash a genuine smile whenever you can. Fake smiles are easy to spot and a turnoff. If he sees you with a genuine smile you are instantly easier to approach and he will think of you as fun and laid back.

How big is your group?
If you are traveling in a large pack it can be intimidating for a mink eyelashes extension to approach. The prospect of looking bad in front of a few women is bad enough but looking bad in front of a whole clan of friends is just too much. Minimize the number of people you go out with. Two is too few because he won’t want to pull you away from your friend but three is perfect.

How many fake parts are showing?
Fake eyelashes, nails, hair extensions, all of these accessories scream high maintenance. While these features might make you look hot if your too fake he will be turned off. Just do your best to limit your accessories to one or two and you should be okay.

How do your hips compare to your waist?
This is another one of those genetic things. The whole hourglass mink eyelashes extension might be a little bit of a cliche but guys really dig it. A small waist with larger hips is a sign of fertility. Men are instinctively drawn to this type of figure.

Do you have a creamy smooth complexion?
Stress breeds a number of complexion problems such as acne or dull skin. If you can make your skin look smooth and lustrous you will seem comfortable in your own skin and more attractive to him.

 mink eyelashes extension
mink eyelashes extension

Now that you know what he is subconsciously looking for you can make yourself irresistible to all those unsuspecting men out there

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