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Jumeau Doll Collectors – What You Need to Know

Collectors and admirers of antique Jumeau mink lashes false lashes dolls would be fully aware of the extraordinary prices these much-loved dolls fetch. The French dolls of the late 1800s and early 1900s were particularly admired for their sumptuous costumes and any little girl lucky enough to own one must have sensed the quality and rarity of her doll. The care that many of the little owners took with their prized playthings is evidenced by the number of dolls that have survived in surprisingly good condition. However, supply of these dolls is far surpassed by demand for them, with the result that prices continue to skyrocket. But there is an excellent alternative if your budget cannot justify such an outlay, with exquisitely rendered reproductions available that very nearly match, or in some cases even surpass, the beauty of the originals.

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mink lashes false lashes

The reproduction dolls made today replicate the very best of the antiques, with comparable detail in the molding of the faces and equivalent, or often superior, skill applied to the painting. Only after many years of painting will most doll artists feel equipped to attempt to make one of these prized beauties. Each bisque doll head is painstakingly prepared for painting with careful sanding and the application of just the right shade of blush. Details such as eyebrows and eyelashes are applied to exacting standards using photographs of an antique example for guidance. The process involves several steps, building up the layers of painting mink lashes false lashes, with kiln firing at precise temperatures between each step. The delicate porcelain must be carefully handled and any mistake in temperature or slight bump can mean starting the whole process again.

Once the head is completed, the best glass eyes available are used and colours chosen that match the painted details. Wigs are often handmade from the finest mohair and colored to suit the doll, sometimes human hair wigs are used. Next comes the task of choosing the right costume for the doll.

Many doll artists make their own patterns from mink lashes false lashes of antique dolls and much research is often involved to ensure the style is authentic to the period, right down to the underwear. Fabrics and trims are also carefully chosen to suit the era of the original doll. Many of the embellishments are hand-sewn onto the garments. Millinery used on the antique dolls was often quite elaborate and requires much skill to duplicate. Often a doll’s socks and leather shoes must be handmade in order to achieve just the right look. The many hours involved in creating these treasures is not fully reflected in the prices, with many doll artists considering their work a ‘mink lashes false lashes of love’.

In order to have their work appraised objectively, many of the top doll makers regularly submit their dolls into competitions to be judged by experts in their particular field. Every aspect of the doll is scrutinized, from the painting, the wig, the style of costuming and it’s suitability for the doll. The rules for antique reproductions are very strict and must be adhered to in order to win the coveted awards. Fabric type and colour, as well as the sewing techniques and accessories must be appropriate to the era from which the antique doll originated.

As mentioned before, in many cases the reproductions indeed outshine the mink lashes false lashes dolls available today, as clothing in particular, has only rarely survived intact. Even dolls kept under ideal conditions are showing signs of age, with fabric colors faded or decaying. Also, as a good reproduction doll made by an expert is a reproduction of the very best antique example, the standard is set high. All the old sewing techniques are lovingly and expertly reproduced and the results can be truly outstanding. Such dolls are indeed works of art and examples of superior craftsmanship, just as the best, most highly-prized original dolls were in their day.

mink lashes false lashes
mink lashes false lashes

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