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All the Colors of the Rainbow

Summer fashions are immersed in COLOR! Everywhere you look there are mouth-watering shades of cotton candy pinks, frosty sorbet lavenders, creamsicle oranges and many more. They evoke a carefree, sweet atmosphere in the midst of an private label mink eyelashes world.

To boost their “color power” this season’s private label mink eyelashes should be just as luscious. Come with me and take a stroll along Rainbow Lane. We will start with what products are available and how they work best. Then we will move on and take a moment looking at techniques and tips for applying these delicious products. Finally, we will complete our stroll with celebration of color. Here we go!

Spring/summer 2011’s makeup is all about sheer, glossy and natural color…the more transparent the color, the more summery the look. Try…stains, bronzers or tinted moisturizers; sheer liquid or gel stick blushers; light, sheer color eye shadows and ultra slick lip-glosses and stains.

 private label mink eyelashes
private label mink eyelashes

A good rule of thumb for all women of all ages is limiting your private label mink eyelashes palette to only the colors that are GREAT on you. If you do not know what colors are great on you, listen to what other say to you when you wear certain colors. “That is a beautiful colored sweater”, means just that. “That is a beautiful color on you”, means listen-up – this is a color that should be in your makeup color palette. Here are a couple of general color statements to keep in mind when choosing your palette.

– purples, pinks and reds (find YOUR shade) are universally flattering
– oranges and yellows look best on olive complexions
– pastels are the best choice on light skin – except pastel blue on blondes
– try matching the flecks of color in the iris of your eyes for eye shadow shades

With any given outfit highlight only one feature with makeup. Maybe it will be your gorgeous eyes, or plump shapely lips or a strong, dramatic cheek bone line. If you highlight more than you feature at a time it will downplay your overall beauty.

When wearing bright-colored clothing choose a subtler shade of the same color…or try a contrasting bright shade. Pastel outfits need makeup with more vibrant color to create a balanced, healthy look. On days that you wear prints, choose only one or two shades from the print to match your private label mink eyelashes to.

Five Great Tips

1. For an instant “teeth whitener” apply a blue-based pink lip-gloss – the bluish tint will reflect onto your teeth making them look whiter.
2. To help soften and diminish facial lines stay with lighter, less vivid shades of makeup.
3. To intensify eye shape and add impact to small eyes, try a dark-colored powder liner along the upper lash line.
4. Navy eyeliner will make the white of your eyes appear whiter and brighter.
5. Keep your makeup fresh and safe with these “expiration date” facts:

3 months – mascara
6 months – Foundation, lipstick, liquid blush and liquid eye shadow
3 years – Powder blush and powder eye shadow

The time of day should also be considered when choosing your private label mink eyelashes color palette. Daytime application of your makeup should be with a very light hand. Remember you are going for summery, sheer and natural. Nighttime and formal occasion application can be a little heavier. However, remember to highlight only one feature at a time.

Visualize all the colors in a rainbow – have you ever thought about what our world would be like with just the primary colors of red, blue and yellow? Instead we have burgundy to salmon, periwinkle to teal, banana to chartreuse…and on it goes! Breathe in all the wonderful colors we are so generously blessed with. Now go have some fun and be a little daring…ENJOY!

Carin Hansen was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40. After a long battle she emerged victorious and began a one-on-one wardrobe and beauty consulting business for other women journeying through cancer. She has been a model, actress, talent agency owner, benefit founder, certified acting/modeling instructor, writer, speaker and passionate cancer advocate.
Visit her website for natural ways to deal with the effects of cancer as it relates to health and beauty. You can also purchase her book “A Woman’s Cancer Journey Primer” from the site. Another great resource for women is Carin’s private label mink eyelashes.

 private label mink eyelashes
private label mink eyelashes

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