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Clean Your Makeup Brushes Without Expensive Brush Cleaners

If you’re like me, you’re proud of your collection of regular mink fur lashes brushes. I have quite a few made from all kinds of different animal hair, synthetics, you name it. Problem is, I like to use really colorful makeup. In particular, I like to use many different colors that would all smudge into some horrid brown after a few days of mixing on my brushes.

regular mink fur lashes
regular mink fur lashes

What I don’t do, however, is spend a ton of money on regular mink fur lashes cleaners. I spend enough on actual makeup as it is.

I’ve found a few ways to clean my brushes over the years. At first, I just cleaned them with water. That didn’t work too well, especially with the gel stuff caked on them.

I used shampoo for a while too. Paranoid about the color somehow sticking to the brushes, I managed to find clear shampoo at the local convenience store.

A few weeks ago, I read about using a small dab of conditioner on them. The results were amazing, and the brushes felt softer than ever.

First, get a bit of hand soap lathered in between your hands. Rub the brushes softly between your hands to remove the regular mink fur lashes that’s gotten stuck to them. Hand soap is all you really need to get the brushes clean. Just don’t rub too hard, or you’ll pull the bristles out of the brushes like I did. Rinse the soap out when you’re done.

After you’ve cleaned the brushes, put a small dab of conditioner in your palm and rub the brush with it. Work it through the brush, and then rinse again.

After washing them with conditioner, you’ll notice a huge difference in your brushes’ regular mink fur lashes. I was amazed the first few times I did it, too.

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