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Simple Steps to Instantaneous Perfect Skin

If you would like to look natural with great skin in front of your friends or on camera, use the following steps. This Top selling eyelash box procedure takes around 5 ~ 10 minutes depending on your familiarity with applying makeup.

Top selling eyelash box
Top selling eyelash box

Step 1

Wphair Before putting on any Top selling eyelash box on your face, protect and moisturize your face by applying it with toner followed by moisturizer. The makeup may not stay well onto your face if you miss out on the moisturizer. Also, your skin will look dry even though some foundation these days have moisturizing properties.

Step 2

Use a concealer to cover the dark Top selling eyelash box rings or puffiness or any blemished areas. If you are having red spots (for example acne spots or pimples), use a green based concealer. It helps to soothe the redness, making it look less obvious.

Step 3

Apply a 2 way cake foundation onto your face for a nice finish. Do not load your face with the Top selling eyelash box. Just blend the foundation on your nose, across the cheeks and chin areas and the forehead. Remember, the key word to having “flawless” skin is good blending. If you are using a liquid foundation, just dab a few drops onto the cheeks, chin and forehead area and spread outwards. Ensure the liquid foundation is spread evenly and blended nicely. Brush on some loose or pressed powder to “set your look”.

Step 4

Top selling eyelash box
Top selling eyelash box

Last, just brush on blusher onto your Top selling eyelash box. You may want to use your blusher sparingly to create a natural look. For those who want to skip the blusher, you may wish to put on a bronzer instead.

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