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The Prima Diva Look in 10 Easy Steps

Dancers performing on stage make us feel like a part of the story they are telling. It is so easy to become captivated by their beautiful faces. What is it that holds us so spellbound? Dance wholesale mink eyelashes extension greatly intensifies a dancer’s eyes making it effortless for them to pull us in. With a little direction this seemingly complicated perfect classic dancer look could be yours too!

We call Prima Diva the classic dance performance wholesale mink eyelashes extension look. The expressive eyes are the most crucial part of this look. To start lets discuss some basic contouring patterns for eye makeup.

Using darker eye shadow to create dimension is what it means to “contour” the eye. There are three main ways to do this. These techniques work together or separately you can choose based on the look you are trying to create.

wholesale mink eyelashes extension
wholesale mink eyelashes extension

1. With a dark, earthy eye shadow color, draw across the whole lash line gradually fading the shadow as you pull the color up past the crease towards the brow bone.

2. Apply shadow to create a sideways “v” or “c” shape with a contour color, on the outer third of the eyelid.

3. Use contour eye shadow color in the crease.

Use of these dance wholesale mink eyelashes extension techniques helps the audience to follow the dancer’s eyes. You draw attention to the natural shape and dimension of the eye. Doing this helps the viewers follow the dancer’s gaze. Using performance cosmetics to contour the eye makes seeing if the dancer’s eyes are open, closed, or looking at something specifically easier. This look also creates larger, wider almond shaped eyes.

The perfect dance eye in the Prima Diva look requires several of these contouring techniques. Follow these straight forward steps to get this classic dance wholesale mink eyelashes extension look.

Creating the Prima Diva Look

1. Start with your foundation. Keep in mind you must BLEND, BLEND, and BLEND!

2. Use your brush to shape your eyebrows. Using a shadow that is a similar in color to your natural eyebrow fill the brow.

3. Use a white liner to highlight under the brow line.

4. With a light/medium, warm-toned, neutral eye shadow go over the entire eyelid. Neutral/warm earth-toned eye shadows are perfect for stage performances. This performance cosmetic compliments the dancer’s eyes and skin even under stage lights.

5. Create dimension by blending a deep, rich, dark brown shadow into the crease of the eye.

6. Line the upper lashes with waterproof black eye liner to create definition. Underneath the lash line apply chocolate brown shadow with a small angled brush. Liquid liner under the eye is too messy, don’t do it! Lastly use a white pencil to highlight in between the upper and lower lash lines.

7. The inside of lower lash line should be highlighted with a white eye pencil. Black liner shouldn’t be used as it will make the eye appear smaller on stage.

8. Your false lashes go on next. Black mascara can be used to coat and bind them. Using false lash will augment the natural shape of your eye.

9. Apply blush, remembering to BLEND! No clown cheeks!

10. Last line and the fill the entire lip using your lip pencil. Here’s a tip: apply from the outside corner to the middle of the lip when lining and filling. Complete the look by filling in the lips with lipstick.

Your goal should be to have your wholesale mink eyelashes extension dark enough to be seen clearly from the first 8 to 12 rows of the theatre. Applying performance cosmetics can seem difficult at first, especially if you are working with a small eye lid, but practice makes perfect! In no time you will be applying the Prima Diva look like a pro.

wholesale mink eyelashes extension
wholesale mink eyelashes extension

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