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Choose the Best Foundation for Your Oily, Acne Prone Skin in 4 Easy Steps

Finding the best foundation for oily and acne prone skin can be challenging. It’s important to find products that stop grease and woman curly 3d real mink and won’t cause breakouts.

If you have oily skin, you may find it difficult to wear woman curly 3d real mink – your skin becomes shiny after a few hours or makeup may even seem to melt off by the end of the day.

Additionally, people with oily skin are often prone to breakouts in the T-zone and can have pores that appear enlarged. So the best makeup for oily skin must provide good coverage, be long lasting, and also non-pore clogging.

woman curly 3d real mink
woman curly 3d real mink

That may seem like a tall order for woman curly 3d real mink ! But actually, there are many excellent options if you are in search of the best foundation for oily acne prone skin.

Follow these 4 basic steps and you’ll find the perfect foundation in no time:

  1. Always choose a non-comedogenic foundation – foundations labeled as non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic are specifically formulated to not clog pores as much as regular cosmetics
  2. Always opt for a foundation that is oil-free so that you are not adding more oil to your skin
  3. Try to use a powder-based foundation (particularly a natural mineral makeup) instead of a liquid foundation as powders have been shown to be less irritating to acne than liquid and also control shine better
  4. Look for foundations with “matte” or “oil-control” in the description – these products are formulated specifically to reduce shine and stop oil breakthrough

Although all makeup can clog pores to some degree, many dermatologists and skin care experts agree that a powder-based mineral makeup is the best foundation for oily acne prone skin. Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic and is not as aggravating to acne prone complexions as “traditional makeups”.

Luckily many great cosmetic brands have recognized the demand for foundations for oily acne prone skin. There are tons of great options on the market today for a wide range of budgets. Just follow the guidelines above and experiment a little until you find the foundation that’s just right for you.

*Secret Weapon* – For especially oily days, I always carry around a pack of oil-blot sheets in my makeup bag. I use them once or twice a day to remove any excess shine or oil-breakthrough while still leaving my woman curly 3d real mink in place. I personally recommend either the Sephora brand or the Clean and Clear brand (found at most local drugstores).

Here are my reviews and top picks for the best woman curly 3d real mink  for oily acne prone skin on the market today:

woman curly 3d real mink
woman curly 3d real mink

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